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What's Powering Your State of the Art CCTV System?

Fast Response Times

Wired cameras are a lot faster than wireless! So our cameras ensure you know exactly what is happening with your property and no thief can hide before you detect them visitors.

Starlight Technology

The latest and greatest in low-light technology! Our 4K cameras come with the incredible starlight feature, which allows the camera to see at night well beyond what your eyes are capable of.

Colour Night

It's the 21st century, we don't have time for black and white video anymore! Unlike many CCTV cameras, our UHD & 4K cameras offer incredibly vivid colour video even in dark environments.

Responsive Mobile App

Not at home, no worries, you can view your live camera feed from anywhere in the world with SPro's simple and intuitive mobile app (and remember because they are wired cameras, you'll be seeing the live feed instantly).

Audio Recording

Not only can you see your property, but you'll also be able to hear it! Keep an ear on anything or anyone that could be acting suspiciously and add an extra layer to your security with audio recordings.

No Subscription Required

Cloud storage?! The perfect way to upsell customers onto a life long monthly subscription plan... we hate this approach! We want to provide the best value to our clients, so all of your data will be safely secured onto your hard drive.

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What our clients think of our CCTV System

"Brilliant service, very knowledgeable and professional. Fitted CCTV with high quality pictures both night and day."

Katie Bowman - Facebook Reviewer

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